Ivan Gaskin

Ivan Gaskin

“The Answer is Love…”

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Transformational Speaking
Who do you want to be?

Ivan Gaskin speaks on three primary topics Self-Improvement, Self Exploration and the

What does love mean to you?

Poetry is used to

MYT - MadeYouThink Productions
What future are you creating?

MadeYouThink Productions is the brand under which all thought provoking projects are held. From Visual albums to Pop up Museums MadeYouThink dares the world to think are held


Transformational Speaking

Change your results by designing you perspective. Bring a energy to your organization, team or life.



The Poet is the oldest teacher. Stories are our only lessons.


MYT - MadeYouThink Productions

What Made you think today?


The Mission

Ivan Gaskin seeks to remind the world that no matter, the question the answer is Love... to do this he must first make the world think. Only by provoking thought and designing perspective can we create a world a world in which love is the most valuable currency.

Wealth, health, fulfillment and progress are all simply barometers for how well an individual understands this about themselves and their environment Ivan Gaskin is committed to co-learning better tactics strategies and truths about how to get more out of life than life had planned.


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